Duygu Duzgun

Country: Turkey
Job title: Student
Subject of study: Genomic Medicine
Year of graduation: 2021
Type/Level of study: Postgraduate Taught

Current Employer/Organisation Name

PhD Student (Clinical & Biomedical Sciences), University of Exeter

Tell us about your background and why you chose to go to university

I completed my undergraduate education in Turkey as a Bioengineer. During my undergraduate education, I worked day and night in the laboratory and took part in important international and national projects. During all my scientific work, the world of science has always been exciting. As a result of the studies, it was very promising to develop a problem against many problems with the discovery of new technologies by combining medical and engineering sciences. Particularly in the world, which is a serious problem in the world and the possibility of cancer is increasing day by day, I have always been excited to be involved in studies that will guide effective cancer treatment. At the end of this, it has been very valuable for me to contribute to humanity and science and to work with a team spirit while doing this. I am very honoured to have chosen the University of Exeter for both my master’s and doctoral studies by winning the scholarship afterwards. After completing my master’s degree in genomic medicine, I decided to continue my doctorate at the University of Exeter, with the invaluable effects of this program’s contributions to me. And I feel more and more every day that I was right in this decision. 

How did being awarded the Global Excellence scholarship make you feel?

 After being accepted to the master’s program, I received the goods that I won this scholarship. When I read the e-mail, I felt very happy because it would be my first time abroad and it was very valuable to know that I was supported by this e-mail from the university. In addition, knowing that you are eligible for this scholarship allows you to continue your studies in a more motivated way. 

How did winning a Global Excellence scholarship help you with your studies?

As I answered in the previous question, knowing that you won this scholarship makes you feel that the University is with you throughout your education. Thus, as a person who will experience abroad for the first time for education, you reduce the anxiety caused by the problems you will encounter, and you can focus on your studies effectively. In the end, I feel that my university is with me in every problem that I will encounter and it is supportive. This is really very supportive, especially for international students. 

Tell us about your experiences in Exeter – living in the city, joining societies, your favourite part of your studies:

To be honest, I haven’t travelled much in Exeter and the surrounding area. But Exeter and the University surroundings are pretty good in terms of security. Even when I worked late in the lab, I did not experience feelings of fear or anxiety due to the effective operation of our university security. My education was very active and intense. In addition, at this stage, the contribution of my supervisor to me and the effect of my continuing my doctorate is quite large. He has always supported me by holding a lantern on how I should continue my master’s and doctorate education effectively. Therefore, my supervisor has a great role in making my education effective and efficient. 

How have your studies at Exeter helped you on your career journey?

I think that the university has the capacity and staff to cover all the shortcomings of the students in terms of opportunities and resources. In addition, the variety of library study areas increases the choice of students. Laboratory facilities are very advanced and laboratory teams are in communication with each other and contribute to our multidisciplinary work. Thus, we learn how to achieve success with team spirit. In addition, for each lesson, we can reach the relevant teacher via e-mail, share our questions and get answers at any time. Most of the time, they make an appointment and explain every point we do not understand face to face and do everything they can. I think our biggest role is our supervisors, who are our role players. With all their experience and experience, they become a lantern to us. Thus, I take my steps firmly, knowing what kind of academician and scientist I will be in the future. 

What are your plans for the future?

 After joining the University of Exeter family, my worries about the future decreased. My priority is to finish my doctoral study in cancer with an effective and strong output. After that, I completed my post-doctoral education and shared the knowledge and experiences I learned as an academic and scientist with the students and instilling a team spirit in them. Because I believe that knowledge will increase as we share it, and if we want to leave a good legacy to future generations, I think it will be science.