Rachael Bradford

I am very proud of being part of the first cohort of radiographers to qualify from the apprenticeship route introduced by Exeter University. I have loved meeting people from across the country, making lifelong friends as we supported each other through learning and working in a pandemic whilst tackling a completely new course.

Zihan Huang

HSBC Bank Ltd. After graduating from the University of Exeter, I went to the University of Warwick for a master’s degree. Then I joined HSBC.

Siddhartha Thyagarajan

Facebook Ireland Limited. I am currently the Market Specialist- India for Facebook Ireland Ltd.

Fadi S. Abdellatif

I enjoyed conducting field trips and doing interviews and surveys in order to analyse the research question.

Shireen Abu-Eid Abdellatif

I appreciated having had the opportunity to be in close contact with my supervisor – historian, professor Ilan Pappe.

Mohammad Nayeem Abdullah

Chittagong Independent University. I am in University teaching since I have been leaving Exeter.

Olivia Abrams

Labcorp Drug Development. After I graduated, I worked in book publishing for 10 months as a Sales Assistant. I quit and made a move back to science in August 2019, when I joined my current company as an In-House Clinical Research Associate I (CRA) and was promoted to In-House CRA II in April 2021.

Danya J.I. Aburass

It is very challenging, but very rewarding.

Adeshina Adewumi

Trade Lenda. I am a bridge between Europe, the United Kingdom and Africa. Currently sitting on various boards and the CEO/Founder of Trade Lenda; digital bank to over 245,000 SMEs.

Sophia Adey

University of East Anglia. I applied to study Midwifery Bsc and successfully got in, deferred a year and continued to work as a carer, saving up for University. Now I am a student midwife and work as an agency worker part time at a Mental Health Hospital in Norfolk.

Harsyadi Adhiarsa

PT. Djarum. Since I left Exeter, I am working professionally as an employee at one of the biggest company in Indonesia.

Margalida Ortega Adrover

ENGICO2EN SLP. I did a 6 month internship at Melià Hotels International. I was in the Energy Efficiency department at their Headquarters in Palma (Mallorca).

Gameli Adzaho

Global Lab Network. I worked in the public health sector in Ghana for four years.

Najaf Ahmad

Abroad Adviser. After leaving Exeter, I worked successfully with top MNCs with US, UK & European clients and received appreciation from COO and top level management for my excellence. I gained good experience in the field of Finance/Accounting, Business Development, Marketing/Sales, Research & Auditing.

Wasi Ahmadi

University of Bristol. Since finishing my MSc degree in Structural Engineering at Exeter, I went onto working with a consulting company as a structural engineer for 2 years.

Ayaan Ahmed

University of Geneva. I started a master in Geneva in September 2022 and have since been in contact with international Geneva through conferences (led a session at the WSIS 2023 Forum), workshops, career talks and course assignments in collaboration with the Swiss Permanent Mission to the UN.

Abiola Oyeboade Akindele

Federal University of Agriculture Abeokuta. I attended a six-months internship programme with FAO. Thereafter I have been lecturing and carrying out research in my home country, Nigeria.

Waseelah Al-Khafaji

Al Masaood LLC. I’ve been working in the marketing & communications field.

Marwan Al-Maqtoofi

University of Basrah. I am an academic staff at the University of Basrah, Iraq.

Hussein AlAhmad

Arab American University. I taught in two universities before settling in the third university as a full time job.

Dr Saad Shajea Alajmi

Kuwait Future Logistics Co. Since I left Exeter I developed my private business at logistics services and expanded my scope of work to include roads and infrastructure contracting civil works.