Rachael Bradford

Country: United Kingdom
Subject of study: Diagnostic Radiography and Imaging (Integrated Degree Apprenticeship)
Year of graduation: 2023
Type/Level of study: Undergraduate

What did you enjoy most about your degree programme?

I am very proud of being part of the first cohort of radiographers to qualify from the apprenticeship route introduced by Exeter University. I have loved meeting people from across the country, making lifelong friends as we supported each other through learning and working in a pandemic whilst tackling a completely new course. I loved spending my workplace negotiated module time in paediatrics and immersing myself in the incredible work of the neonatal unit. Above all, I have loved being able to achieve my dreams and finally have a degree that has led to professional registration. Something I always knew I was capable of, but life outside of work kept the standard university route out of reach and for that I shall be forever grateful.

Some of the students were are profiling have in addition to their degree been awarded a departmental prize or award in recognition of their exceptional achievements. If this applies to you please can you tell us about the award you have received and what this award means to you?

I was awarded the Department of Medical Imaging Diagnostic Radiographer Degree Apprenticeship Stage 2 Prize and the Deans Commendation in recognition of my outstanding achievement in my final year. I felt exceptionally proud to receive these. I have tackled this degree with two children at home, a husband who is based away on camp with the army and all during a global covid pandemic. I hope that I have inspired my daughters to never shy away from a challenge, show them hard work pays off and you are never too old to learn something new.

What was the highlight of your time at Exeter?

I have met lifelong friends through my course. I have a network of people across the country who have shared the same experiences as me. I have been able to live, work, study and earn all in my hometown. 

What will you miss the most about University?

I shall miss our campus weeks where we all would come together for in person lectures, tutorials and seminars. It was an opportunity to compare experiences, share knowledge and socialise!

What advice would you give to current and future students? (If you are an international student what would you like to tell future students from back home who might be thinking about applying to study in Exeter?)

 University is a marathon not a sprint. The first year is exciting and new, the second feels demanding and the third is all about heading towards that final assessment and gaining your professional registration. It is too overwhelming to think about all the boxes that need ticking; break it down into smaller chunks and slowly but surely, you will get to the finish line!

What are your plans now that you have graduated?

I am currently employed as a band 5 general x-ray radiographer at the local Trust. My ultimate aim is to train in ultrasound as an internship and progress down the advanced practitioner route. This drives me to seek opportunities to be involved with departmental audit and education. I am often mentoring our current apprentices as well as our undergraduate learners. Radiography has so many possibilities, I am a little spoilt for choice!


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