Lisanne van den Brink

Country: The Netherlands
Sector: Internet & Software
Job title: Business Analyst
Subject of study: Marketing
Year of graduation: 2020
Type/Level of study: Post graduate

Current Employer/Organisation Name


What have you been doing since leaving Exeter, and what are you doing now?

I have worked as a product manager for a time sharing company (Hapimag) and changed my job after finishing my degree for my current job.

Why did you choose this career? And what do you enjoy most about your work?

For a while, I was not sure what I wanted to do, as I learned tourism for my Bachelor’s, I started with that. However, over time I learned more about myself; I am communicative, always looking for challenges, like to travel, love to work with people and many more skills and abilities. Combining these I turned to the consulting industry.

What did you enjoy most about your programme and what was the biggest highlight?

The group I studied with as well as the variation of subjects. Also the different types of assessments, depending upon the subject, really helped. My biggest highlight was starting my own blog with Lisa Harris and, of course, finishing my master thesis & degree. But many other modules were interesting too!

What did you enjoy most about studying here?

The variety of students and great online content.

Why did you choose to study at Exeter?

It offered the type of master’s degree I wanted to do and it has a good rating.

What skills and experiences have been most useful for your career?

– Having a holistic view.

– Think process-minded.

– Put yourself in a different perspective.

– Know a bit about everything and know where/how to find more information.

What advice would you give to a current student who wishes to pursue your career?

Find out which skills you have and with which consulting company they match (IT/finance/etc.). Find a company which suits your beliefs and takes care of its employees. Start with a training program and see if you like it!

What are your plans for the future?

To become a solutions architect.


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