Lydia Spencer-Elliott

Country: United Kingdom
Sector: Journalism, Media and Publishing
Job title: Senior Features Writer
Subject of study: English Literature and Film Studies with Study Abroad
Year of graduation: 2018
Type/Level of study: Undergraduate

Current Employer/Organisation Name

The Tab

What have you been doing since leaving Exeter, and what are you doing now?

Since leaving Exeter I completed an MA in magazine journalism at City, University of London and have been working in journalism ever since.

Why did you choose this career? And what do you enjoy most about your work?

I chose my career because a lecturer at Exeter encouraged me to go for it. I never thought being a journalist was actually possible but she made me realise it was. I would say writing creatively and being part of a national conversation are the most enjoyable parts of my career. If you can help people too, then that’s a plus.

Please tell us if you were a member of any societies, groups or sports clubs?

I was Vice President of the dance society and a writer at The Tab.

Were you part of the Exeter Student Ambassador Scheme at any point during your studies?


What did you enjoy most about your programme and what was the biggest highlight?

I enjoyed how passionate all of the lecturers were and how willing they were to help develop my writing skills. My biggest highlight was the Surrealism module taught by Felicity Gee. My final essay was the highest grade I ever achieved on my degree and it was published and won a prize in the Film Matters journal.

What did you enjoy most about studying here?

I enjoyed the green spaces, making friends who still inspire and make me laugh now and learning from lecturers with far bigger brains than me.

Why did you choose to study at Exeter?

Because the campus is gorgeous, the course is one of the best in the world and I felt an instant attraction when I visited. Although, I was slightly worried about the nightlife prospects in Devon.

What skills and experiences have been most useful for your career?

A willingness to work really hard and try absolutely anything. It sounds cliché but that’s the truth.

What advice would you give to a current student who wishes to pursue your career?

Read as much as you possibly can. Pick one physical newspaper and three websites you really admire and learn what makes their editorial structure tick along. It will help you figure out what type of journalist you want to be much earlier than I managed to.

What are your plans for the future?

My plans are to keep working hard to uncover interesting and important stories and hopefully, one day go freelance, which is a big risk but worth it if you can make it happen successfully.


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