Niamh O’Riordan-Mitchell

Country: United Kingdom
Subject of study: Art History and Visual Culture and History
Year of graduation: 2020
Type/Level of study: Undergraduate

What did you enjoy most about your degree programme?

I enjoyed the diverse range of topics and the independence given to you to explore academically which periods of art, art movements, phases and artists that spoke to me as an individual. Through being a joint honours student I was able to develop my flare for contemporary art and its position within postcolonialism.

Some of the students were are profiling have in addition to their degree been awarded a departmental prize or award in recognition of their exceptional achievements. If this applies to you please can you tell us about the award you have received and what this award means to you?

I alongside my results was awarded the Art History and Visual Culture departmental prize for outstanding academic performance. As someone who was a little shy and lacking confidence in my first year, I was very conscious of being the first person in my family to attend university and to study Art History from a state school. Receiving the award, proved to myself that my hardworking ethos paid off! I am over the moon and eternally grateful to be recognised for such a prestigious award. I tried my hardest to improve on every academic essay and to prove to others my academic abilities.

Please tell us if you were a member of any societies, groups or sports clubs?

Art Society, Exeter University Ladies Cricket, Exeter Student Volunteers.

What was the highlight of your time at Exeter?

My highlight of my time at Exeter has been the wonderful array of friendships I have formed with people across the country. I have been able to grow as a person and find my calling. 

What will you miss the most about University?

I will the Exeter atmosphere that its students and staff created. I always felt at home in Exeter and I hope one day to return.

What advice would you give to current and future students? (If you are an international student what would you like to tell future students from back home who might be thinking about applying to study in Exeter?)

 The advice I would give to current and future students is to take every opportunity available. You never know which career pathway you may end up on and all experience is relevant. Enjoy trying new things and cherish your friends.

What are your plans now that you have graduated?

My plans currently during the covid-19 pandemic are to enjoy parts of what is left of the summer and from September onwards research into possible postgraduate programmes for the academic year of 2021/22.