Tim Gay

Country: United Kingdom
Sector: Advertising, PR & Marketing
Job title: Freelance PR consultant
Subject of study: French
Year of graduation: 1974
Type/Level of study: Undergraduate

Current Employer/Organisation Name

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What have you been doing since leaving Exeter, and what are you doing now?

Teaching across all sectors from primary to HE. Worked in inner London LEAs and for the Open University. Relocating to Devon I worked in FE and then in PR and marketing.

Why did you choose this career? And what do you enjoy most about your work?

I never planned a career. It all happened by serendipity but I found I had a real interest and perhaps talent for PR quite late in my career.

Please tell us if you were a member of any societies, groups or sports clubs?

Hockey (Captain of the 3rd XI and captain of Judo. French Circle and Bridge club.

What did you enjoy most about your programme and what was the biggest highlight?

Final year studying Simone de Beauvoir with Ray Davison

What did you enjoy most about studying here?

Friends I made and the lovely campus but this was back in the 1970s!

Why did you choose to study at Exeter?

I grew up in the north and wanted to move south.

What skills and experiences have been most useful for your career?

Being open to making changes in your career path as different opportunities come along. Work today is almost unrecognizable from when I started.

What advice would you give to a current student who wishes to pursue your career?

Join the CIPR professional body and do the qualifications. Write blogs, write for the local papers, offer to volunteer at events and develop a little black book of contacts.

What are your plans for the future?

I am so old that my future is seriously limited!! I am still available for advice and ideas.


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